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Thread: Chronic Back Problem - Surgery - Yes or No

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    Question Chronic Back Problem - Surgery - Yes or No

    i have a lifelong back problem. basically its a weak back and nothing i do will make it completely healthy. it doesnt cause any problems in day to day life but if i exert a lot then back starts hurting a lot and i need to lie down for a few hours with a hot bag. everybody suggests that i should just stay fit and that that is enough to ensure that i dont get a lot of back ache. but i dont want to suffer from it at all.

    my ortho doc said that we can do surgery but even then there is no guarantee that my pain will go. he says that i should just take care.

    i want to do the surgery.
    what do u guys think? what should i do? i want a normal no-pain-ever life!

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    I feel surgery should be the last resort for any ailment. It is better to treat a problem in some holistic manner rather than surgery. I do not want to sound harsh but I think you are overstressed. As you said that it does not cause any problems in day today life, so why are you so worried. Why don't you just relax and do some exercises. Exercises can really strengthen the back muscles. How can you be so sure of that nothing will make it healthy. This misconception of yours is the root cause of all your problems. Just change your attitude.

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    I can understand your problem. Back pain can be debilitating. My husband too has a chronic back problem and no amount of medicines gave him relief. He is advised back exercises. Now he is continuously doing his back exercises. Though his back muscles have not become strong enough but he feels relief from pain. Even for a day, if he forgets to do exercises, he gets severe pain.

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    Right Vinodini, back exercises can provide a lot of relief from chronic pain but these have to be done regularly over a long period of time. Laxity in this regard will not yield any results. Surgery is not the solution as there are chances of it going wrong. Try massage therapy or other alternative healing therapies. My mother had back pain and she got relief from Ayurvedic massage.

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    1.Why the body is not sweating during fever?
    2.During fever body temperature is high. But why still the body tries the heat generating methods like, shivering, shrinking of blood vessels, increased respiration and heart beat, etc?.
    3.As we are aware, there will be more heat on the body during fever. But when we cover our body with a non-conductor of heat, like blankets,we feel very comfort. why we are not feeling discomfert? (By exposed to sun light for some time, it can increase the body temperature. If we cover our body with a blanket, we will feel discomfort)
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    8.shivering during low atmospheric temperature or during fever is to compensate the decrease in temperature. If the body temperature falls beyond a level is it fatal?
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    Ask questions-search for proper answers

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    Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics.R.S.Satoskar, S.D.Bhandarkar,Nirmala,N.Rege-Revised xix Edition.Page159, 160,163,170. (Rudimentary=Anything in a rude state)

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    Surgery for Back pain is not a remedy.If you feel discomfort use of cold items,or feel comfort hot items I can suggest a treatment.It is based on physics.

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    exercise will benefit short term benefit only.Sometimes Exercise increases pain.
    Inflammation based treatment is a remedy for backpain

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    I am a Marma physician, researcher in back pain ,fever. I know what is happened on back pain,neck pain. various types of inflammation is the cause of pain.

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    Pl. do not go for surgery, we have cured 30-40 years old back/knee any pain, the ancient science and PEMF has cure for this, we are based out in Bangalore, visit www.ancientscience.co. in for more information

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