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Thread: Using wig

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    Using wig

    i am thinking of changing my hairstyle but I do not know which style would suit me. Moreover I have a severe case of hairfall so am little sceptical of changing hairstyle. My friend suggested me to use a wig. Is this right choice?

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    Wig is a great idea. You can experiment with different hairstyles using wigs. IT will also not harm your hair. you can experiement with different hair colours, hair lengths and cuts. I think you can give a try.

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    Wigs are the coolest way to change hairstyle without having to live with the change if you do not like it. As you said that you wanted a change in hairstyle so your idea of wigs is great. This way you can have a change without actually changing the hairstyle.

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    I love wigs. I have got two wigs custom made. One with long hairs and one with short. I put them on as per my mood. when I want to look stylish and graceful, then I prefer long haired wig. As for a chic look or party look, I opt for short haired one.

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    Dear friends,
    y r u thinking about the wigs, they are expensive. if u are really interrsted in you hair use some herbal oils and maintain the hair regularly. if you are not having the time for it few people are there they will give the services at the Door Step. better my suggestion is to go for a make over.

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