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Thread: How to deal with a broken heart?

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    This guy was my bestest friend for 3 years and we loved each other but knew that we would never get married as i am from an orthodox family who would be unhappy with me marrying someone from another religion. we were both ok being just friends. but then when he got engaged, he stopped talking to me completely. he just got married yesterday and i am so devastated i dont know what to do.

    how could he just stop talking to me? he had promised that we would stay friends forever and then he stopped talking to me. Now he is married and I have too much self-respect to ever talk to him again. but im too depressed and constantly thinking about him and our times together. How can one forget about their past? how do i make myself feel better?

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    i have also go through situtation like you, i know it hurt when someone to whom you give importance that has gone far from you, but it is a big truth in life that life never stop, so you should also not stop in your life, carry on nd try to divert your attention in another side, try to find some with whom you can be for long term relation.

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    Remember "Change is the only constant thing" to overcome any tough situation in life.

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    Dear i m about to break down i need ur help i m in depression. If i write i may broke in tears.

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    Hi dear,
    The same thing may happened to me in future. My gf now not showing that importance. I m in depression and friends need your help. i m weeping weeping all the day. I like nothing. I need your help

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    I'm not happy with my marriage life so I'm looking for a female who is in a similar situation or eitherv and looking for a love and caring relationship. I want life long company.with good understanding.. I am from jamshepdur...I guarantee that In ur own personal/family life , there will not be any issue ever...Its all about secret/decent relation.

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