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Thread: my girlfriend left me and got engaged to someone else

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    Angry my girlfriend left me and got engaged to someone else

    my girlfriend of 3 years just left me because her parents told her that i dont have financial stability. and after 3 months, she is engaged to someone else. I feel like shit. how could she just break up with me because of something so small. so what if she is used to spending more money than i can. we are still young. i am just going to start my first job and it is paying very well. could she not wait for me? are all girls and their families so money - minded.

    I feel so betrayed and worthless and depressed and angry. I feel like writing her a long text or email telling her how materialistic and evil she is and that i am glad that she is out of my life but i cant because despite all this, i still miss her and want her.

    Help me get over this, friends. tell me what to do.

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    not all women are so money minded.. its sad that she let you feel so small.. you are better off without her.. you pay attention to your job.. become ultra successful and that will be your vindication..

    soon you'll find someone who deserves you..

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    Do not lose hopes Gaurav. You are young and now starting off in your career. You should devote more time to your work as with only hard work you will be able to build a secure future. I always believe that there is good in everything that happens so may be your breaking up with that girl has something good. you will surely get a better girl who will value you and not your money. Take care. Best of Luck

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    good friends the same condition is there with me i m deeply in love with a girl who is from other cast. she says it is very hard to marry. i m so devastated after hearing that. i m all the time weaping we still talking, i dont know what will happen when she will married to another guy. how i will react to that. i m finding no way to deal with this. but she says that she will marry me if conditions allows for that. but i lost my mental peace. what i do now plz tell me i m in deep sorrow, day by day my suicidal tendency is increasing day by day. plz you can send some idea on plz suggest something.
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