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    Lightbulb best investing options

    With ever rising inflation and rising costs of education, saving for future has become a necessity. I do not know what my child would want to become in future but I do not want any financial restrictions on him. Now my kid is 10 years old but I am worried about his future and his college education. Could anybody guide me in saving for the college education.

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    I would suggest you to go for mutual finds. They are relatively safer investment option,. As your child is still small, you have enough time to invest for him. I also strongly recommend no-load mutual funds, which don't charge a sales commission, and funds with low expenses.

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    Is there any site where I can learn about mutual funds? I think it is a great idea to invest money for child's future. Have you ever invested on one?

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    Cummulative deposits are a safe investment but chances are your money will not grow as much as they would in a good, strong mutual fund. If interest rates are rising, choose a shorter term CD so you won't be locked in for too long as the rates go up. If interest rates are high and expected to fall, lock-in the rate for as long as possible by taking out a five year or longer CD. This is best possible advice I can give.

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