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Thread: Father in law demands hot food every hour.

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    Unhappy Father in law demands hot food every hour.

    my father in law is always asking for food! every 1 hour he wants to eat something hot and new. i am never able to leave the kitchen only whole day because of his constant demands for different food. Now that he is retired, all day long he wants food. He refuses to eat snacks and makes demands all day long. he doesnt allow us to hire a cook also. my whole life seems to be in the kitchen only. what do i do?

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    How is this possible??? How can a person eat all day long. If he is not having proper meals, then he will feel hungry frequent. Try to give him at least 2 meals properly.

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    Take you father in law to a nutritionist and chart out a meal plan for him. soon he will be following that plan and will not demand food at odd hours or even frequently. You can explain that you are doing this as you are concerned for his health.

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    good idea babita. By citing health concerns, taking your fil to a nutritionist will solve your problem. the nutritionist will chart out a perfect diet plan and he has to adhere to it. also try to keep him busy so that he would have little time to think about food.

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    I agree with the Babita and pranav. You take him to a nutritionist and put him on a diet plan, say that u care a lot for him and his heath at his old age, hence you are doing it. Cooking diet food is also far more easier than cooking masaledar hot food every hour.
    Diet food--> less choices--> easy to cook All on your favour !!! -----> Your life easy !!!

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    Well RIya these father in laws can be a pain in the ass as they are turning old.lolz.

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    These days i have seen that these maids we hire from agencies charge a lot of money,they should be paid their salary from the money we pay to the agent as security rather then paying them some other money.These women over charge us and do fashion.

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