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Thread: MIL taunts me coz i am living in RENTED house.

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    Angry MIL taunts me coz i am living in RENTED house.

    Hi all,

    Has anyone come across this issue. My MIL and FIL own two separate house on their name independently,we all used to stay in my FIL's house,and my MIL's house in on rent. However frustrated by their behaviour, i walked out and started living in a rented house.
    My MIL constantly keeps on taunting me for living their as if it is very cheap to stay in rented house.
    Also whenever she gets a chance she taunts my dad as well as he stays in company quaters. I dont like it at all. They behave as if they have done something great by building a home, we do have a house in this city however we have in our hometown coz we never intended to stay here for long, they always intend to show us inferior by taking abut all this everytime.

    As if all this is less, she starts bitching and giving bad words to her own tenant saying that they are very inferior people, in front of me, despite of knowing that i have been a tenant all my life. I dont want to step in her house till I make a house of my own.


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    Hi Sarbani!

    Kudos to you for leaving your annoying in-laws house and staying elsewhere! Your husband stays with you?
    Let me tell you something.. its not about the house being rented or not.. its about you being the daughter in law..
    That is enough for your mother in law to start taunting you.. If it wasnt the house, then she would taunt for some other reason..

    if you are happy staying where you are staying, what does it bother you that they think its cheap to stay in a rented house.. wher is your husband in all this? you should talk back - that if you have a problem with me staying in a rented house, then buy me a new house.. its your duty since im your bahu..

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for answering my query.....Actually its true...she can taunt about abything. If its not the flat, then she talks about GOLD...believe me she has a around 18-20 tolas................I dont......and i am not fond of it frankly speaking.
    My husband stays with me only. He is ok the way we are, however there is a constant pressure of moving back in joint family as my clever in-laws have bought a falt exactly nearby wher i am staying rite now. Its at completion stage, I am hoping to book one before theirs gets completed.
    My husband is not that happy to live separately, however he is convinced to stay with me coz i am in no intension on moving back under their so called "KINGDOM".
    They don't understand one thing that they can buy flat near me, gold to lure me but till the time they dont treat me as equal individual and treat me, my ideologies, my likes , my dislikes with respect...its not going to happen. Afterall money can't buy everything!!!

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