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Thread: my live-in boyfriend's friends are messy slobs

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    Thumbs up my live-in boyfriend's friends are messy slobs

    my boyfriend and i just moved in together. he invites his friends over at least 3 times a week either to watch a match, or do hookah or drink.
    his friends are all nice people but they leave a mess every time they are here and never bother to offer to clean up. My boyfriend is anyways a slob, and doesn't care how messy and dirty the house is so I end up having to clean it all the time.

    but i didn't want to tell him anything because we have just moved in together a month back. I don't want him to regret it and think that i am trying to stop him from meeting his friends.. what should i do? should i talk to him? what should i say?

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    The main thing is to remain calm, give it time and see if he keeps calling his friends over after the novelty of a new house pales.
    If it doesn't you could clean up in front of them, that might shame them into offering to help.

    If that doesn't work, talk to him and request him to ensure his friends clean up after themselves before they leave

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