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Thread: Uncomfortable Sex with my Boyfriend

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    Exclamation Uncomfortable Sex with my Boyfriend

    I slept with my boyfriend for the first time. I was a virgin before and so Im not sure if Im just being weird but I kind of felt that he was acting disrespectful during sex. His hands kept going all over my body abruptly and it felt as if he is actually so busy thinking about himself, that he has actually forgotten that my pleasure matters only! Its happened many times and now I just feel disappointed and used. Am i over thinking this or is he actually in the wrong?

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    u can make him understand,,thats the only way

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    Hi, you are not thinking overly... & don't think overly also... 1 st up all he need to understand to you, if you are comfortable or not? He is wrong & you also know 1st what is sex? How to do? What happens? More doubts contact;

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    Hi Arushi, if you are not comfortable with your partner, you can change with the partner. Its your wish

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    Changing partner is not the right way as who knows how will the other person be. If you love your partner then you need to make him understand about your feelings and voice your concerns or opinions. He needs to be sensitive to your needs. In a relationship, the feelings opf both the partners matter, then only there can be true love and understanding. Try to show him how you want to be touched. I am sure he will understand.

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    You didn't enjoy the act or you feel he enjoyed more then you.There is so much stuff available on net.Read and enjoy or endjoy

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    Hi Arushi,
    You say it is the first time you slept with your BF. Is it the first time for him too? You cannot expect something great from a inexperienced guy if he is. It will take a long time for him to understand your needs and make you feel satisfied. So just wait for it. Being a female you will be usually on the receiving end normally and not on the acting end, so you need to wait patiently until you boyfriend satisfies his requirements first and gets comfortable to satisfy your needs. Wish you all the best.

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    Some times pervert minded people change their attitude during sex. But after completion of intercourse, you may tell what happen to you...Tell your feelings... If you are are not telling your urge, he never understand what exact you want..
    Explain every thing Tell you are not satisfied when he behave harshly like that way.
    if he is not changing His Attitude, You take your own decision.
    Your life is now your hands.

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