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Thread: I keep breaking up with my idiotic boyfriend.

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    Angry I keep breaking up with my idiotic boyfriend.

    My boyfriend is an idiot. He loves me as much as I love him but he acts like such a jerk at times, that I end up breaking up with him every few months. He wants my whole life to revolve around him. He feels jealous even if I am spending time with my cousins instead of with him. He wants my whole social life to include just him. Since that is not possible, we end up fighting a lot. Whenever he crosses a line in the argument, I get pissed off and break it off with him. But I feel so miserable afterwards, and he keeps on pestering me with his apologies that I give in and we patch up.

    I am used to talking to him morning, afternoon and night. We are constantly interacting, either through texting or calls so even those 4-5 days we are broken up, I feel heart-broken. I am now 25 and my parents are nagging me to get married. How can I think of marriage with a boy who is so jealous? He isn't going to miraculously be okay with my hanging out with other people and obviously, I cant break up with him every other month in frustration. Our relationship is a joke. My friends keep telling me to break it off with him for good but I cant do that. I love him too much. How can I talk some sense into his thick skull?!?!

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    What your friends are suggested is correct. You should break up with him for your good as well as his good. Usually few men are like this.They only get to know the value in a relationship only when they loose some one close. If you married him I assure u that u are going to suffer like any thing. He can not understand all this. He has become very protective towards you which is not good and he think except him no one else should looks at u or talk to u. He will make ur life miserable after marriage.

    If you are thinking you can not live with out him, i suggest you to make new friends / boy friend or at least a chat friend to divert ur mind. By coming out of this relationship you can able to see world is more beautiful than what actually u were assuming all these day. Be practical and let go this relationship.

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