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Thread: Should I break up with my boyfriend?

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    Should I break up with my boyfriend?

    My boyfriend of 7 months is constantly saying bad things about my looks to me. He is very critical of my look. He never likes my clothes and keeps on telling me to dress like models, set my hair stylishly, etc. It is fine for a while but he is constantly trying to change me into something else. I dont want to dress like models, and i definitely don't want to have to style my hair everyday. I am a simple girl but my boyfriend does not like my simplicity.

    I dont know what he likes in me only. Should I break up with my boyfriend? Or am i being too negative? Is it a nice thing that he cares so much about how i look?

    Please let me know what you all are thinking, friends.. Thanks.

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    you should leave him as the perosn who is concerned to ur physical aperance or clothes does not love u . The person who lov u alwys lov ur behaviour ur talks ur habits even ur foolish activites bt never complaint about them . So u should leav him and i m sure u wil surely get someone who wil lov u not ur body or by what you wear .

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    just say to him you have your own wish of dressing may be he will understand

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