My boyfriend and I met when we were both studying abroad in the same university. We started dating there. We would be together from morning till night. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner all used to be done together with the rest of our friends. I loved being with him all the time.

Then our courses got over and we came back to India. I live in Mumbai and so does my boyfriend's parents. But he used to work and live in Bangalore before coming to university. Now after coming back, he took a job in Mumbai for a few months while living with his parents and then because he didn't enjoy the job, he shifted to Pune. He has been there for a year now. He comes to Mumbai once every month. He tells his parents he is coming to meet them but in reality he comes just to meet me. I was fine with his being in Pune because I at least got to see him once a month and we used to talk morning and lunch time and evening and night using Face Time and Skype and iMessage and Viber and WeChat and WhatsApp, etc.

Now however, he is shifting back to Bangalore. He had always said that he would settle in Bangalore only. He loves that city and has lived there for more than half of his life. He can only come and meet me once in 6 months or so. and that too, is very expensive for him. Money is no problem for me, but I cannot go meet him in another city because my parents do not know that we are dating.

They would not be happy with it as he is of another caste and his income is much less than I am used to. I cannot tell them about our relationship right now. I always thought that i would tell them after 3 or so years when my boyfriend is ready to settle down and my parents are worrying about getting me married.

But now that he is in another state altogether, I miss him a lot. I literally yearn to be with him. Can a long distance relationship work at this rate? I get to see him once in 6 months and that time also my parents get angry if I meet him more than once cos they feel that people will talk negatively about me.

So I am asking for your suggestions. Do you think a long distance relationship can work in the long run. Do you think that our relationship can last three years if I get to see him only 6 times in those three years? what should I do about my situation with my parents?

I worry that he will meet new people and forget me also He loves me and I know he is devoted to me, but all these thoughts come in mind because i barely get to see him in person. Please tell me what to do.