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Thread: My boyfriend has a lot of girl friends

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    My boyfriend has a lot of girl friends

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months. Before that, we were very good friends and used to talk on the phone and flirt every night for hours. That is how i fell in love with him. After we started going out, I came to know that he talks to a lot of girls on the phone. He talks to them like 3 - 4 times in a week. He swears they are just friends and to be honest I know the girls he is talking to. But I fell in love with him by talking to him on the phone. Whats the guarantee that the other girls wont?

    I told him how I feel, but he said that I should not be so insecure and jealous. Am i really being jealous and insecure or do I have a valid reason to ask him to talk less with other women on the phone?

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    First of all if he is talking to them as much as he talks to you then you have a reason to be worried about. Men spend the most time with the one they are most attracted to. They might be his friends but if he hangs out more with those girls than boys than he is not serious about you or any other girl.

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    1st check his phone nd find no.s, tell to your any male frnds to cal from other no.s, try to find their behavior. After that ask to your boy friend... Take care....

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