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Thread: how to meet and flirt with boys?

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    how to meet and flirt with boys?

    from the time i came in college, i was dating my boyfriend. now after being together for 8 years, we broke up. Now i suddenly realised that i dont even remember how to flirt with other boys. I dont enjoy being single and i want to meet someone new. how can i meet someone new when i work from morning to evening. there are no interesting boys in my class and i rarely go for parties where there might be random people. I am actually quite shy. please suggest ways to meet boys.

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    Hey, this is Amish

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    Dear Preeti, my sincere advice........ Do not go looking for it. When you meet the right boy you will know. Till then just be yourself.

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    From which city you are?

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    Like you advice

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    Well meet a guy who is still virgin in his 30s. Forget about dating , I haven't even touched a girl in my entire life. Reason ,, was sacred . What's ur excuse ?

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    Rather just wanting to find a new guy or Mr perfect go out and explore the world do all those that you that you think you might have missed out in those 8 years be it spending time with your family,friends,relatives.If you had some career aspirations but could not make it at that time because of prior commitments,its time that you pursue them.Love your body,hit the gym regularly and shape it up.This are few things you could do get over past,telling out of own experience.

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    There are much better things in which you can keep yourself engrossed and occupied,flirting with boys is not the only means to cope up with your bad past and finding a right partner takes some time so just give yourself much deserved break and let the things unfold the way they were meant to be

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    I am thirsty for true friendship not exactly for true love. I know love has deadline.
    I want a good friend rather than good lover, and if everything is right i would ask for new tag.
    Dont just sit at home and wait for oppurtinity.
    I think there is no harm in meeting people for coffee, sometimes. you will come to know lives of differnt people.
    dont just meet bindly. first get details about that person like photo. age where he live and what he do. have some conversation online. further fix a meeting. I know its strange but just do it for making friends not seroius. if you think meeting was worth then tell him to that you will see him again.
    I think this forum will help you a little bit.
    Dont give your full name and buy a newnumber for dating. Dont tell him/her where you live.
    I think you are not shy but an introvert.
    good luck

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