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    am 9 months elder to my husband. and he always says i like those girls who are smaller than me you are old. and i dont like you. i have a baby. but he treats me like a servant.he never treat me like a mother.i repect his family do all chores in home but we are miles of distance

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    Hi Shweta,

    It is really bad that your hubby treat you like this, try to understand him what he want exactly? Change your behaviour be a small girl, treat him like your boyfriend...

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    Many men are usually overgrown kids who need a bit of nurturing, pampering like women need eveytime. They would be doing most of the things at office themselves but after reaching home all sorts of dependencies come in their mind, right from keeping the shoes properly to taking their own glass of water.... here I think you should help him overcome this dependency by talking to him softly, gently and positively. Look, I have never seen any problem that has diminished on its own, you need to speak and sort that out. Don't procrastinate .. Don't argue and make your points crisp, clear and firm...

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    Its like weird. But just show your importance in his life and being a mother you have to share your love with husband and baby. He will realise and make you happy again.

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    I am a good hearted decent person/husband. But unnecessary doubt from my wife makes me sad always.. Since starting of our marriage , she had doubt that I have an affair with some females. But Its not true... If any female calls me either from office(for urgent work) , customer care of LIC/anyinsurance/mobile related..She starts fighting that u have an affair/body relation/illegal relations with other women.. I tried to make everytime understand her.. But water is above my head.. Since 5-6 years I am going through a rough patch of my life.. Even she doesnot allow me to come to her for any romance etc . Presently situation is that she doesnt care for me..always shouts at me.. I have always cared/loved her. Bcoz of kid and social issues, we are together .

    What i Mean to say if she doesnot care after all efforts too, why should I bother for the partner who doesnot care. So please stand up and be with me.

    I know some females also go through this phase of life , through husband who doubts everytime

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