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Thread: Places of interest

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    Places of interest

    I am at present settled in Delhi but now being transferred to Pune. I do not want to move there but there is no other option left. I have heard that it is a good place but I doubt there would be much to do there. As I am taking my family with me, I would like to know about the places of interest.

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    Pune offers a lot of fun things to do and many places of interests. It is an upcoming city with all modern amenities. It is the cultural capital of Maharashtra so a lot of history is associated with this city. As it is the latest IT hub, I can assure you that you will never miss being in a top city. Pune spoils you for the choices and the best part is that it has a cool climate and relatively peaceful atmosphere. There are many forts and palaces to visit as also museums. Once you come here, you will realize the beauty of the city.

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    Pune has everything to offer. I have been living here since past five years and have never felt that this city is lacking on in anything. There is something for everybody. You have religious places, gardens, forts, palaces, amusement parks and also adventure sports. So indulge your senses here. If you can be specific what type of places or amusement you are looking out for, then I can help you much better.

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