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Thread: I miss my ex-girlfriend after marriage.

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    Exclamation I miss my ex-girlfriend after marriage.

    I was in a relationship for 2 years. When my parents wanted me to get married, I introduced my girlfriend to them but they didn't like her. After much arguments, i agreed to break up with her and meet other girls for arranged marriage. i jus got married but i still talk to my ex-girlfriend through text messages. My wife is very simple and not very modern. So i enjoy talking to my ex girlfriend. Once, when she was very depressed because of all this, I slept with her again even though I was already engaged. Now i cant stop thinking about her. I dont want to be the ass who breaks up a marriage in the first few motnhs only but i want my ex-girlfriend desperately. what to do!

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    If you really like someone then you already have to do marriage with that girl. But now you can't go back now because your one wrong step ruin another life that is life of your wife. So think about it.

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    Dear Amish,

    I think not keeping your present wife happy will be injustice to her, in-fact .if not immediately..try to slowly minimize your contact with your ex-gf..try to make yourself understand that you have one responsibility now. Try to control your mind & involve yourself in other things. I know it might not be easy but try to socialize more by making your ex-gf as your good friend and introducing her to your wife so you are not hiding anything from your wife. But try to keep yourself distant from your ex-gf. Once you socialize and your mind knows your ex-gf is around you, you wont be desperate as your now. Its just mind game, socializing is one way through which you can fool your mind...more happiness, unhappiness depends on you. Then Slowly try and get habitat to be away from ex-gf this will help you in long run...this is one way i see it...If you continue meeting your ex-gf and sleeping etc: you will be more desperate day by day which might lead you to frustration on your wife with no fault of her own.. at last this may also lead you to divorce..discuss and try to also take suggestions from your friends, elders whom you think you can share, teachers, others etc...I am sure they will also tell good suggestions with majority saying dont cheat your wife...hope this helps..keep me updated..
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