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Thread: need info. about doctor

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    need info. about doctor

    Could anybody share their experiences with Dr. shobha Gupta. I am thinking of going to her.

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    I had a successful IVF procedure done from Dr. Shobha Gupta. She is a good doctor and the good thing about her is that she gives a lot of personal attention. I could talk to her anytime and she was always available.

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    I am also in the process of finding an IVF clinic in Delhi. I have shortlisted few doctors and Dr. Shobha Gupta is one among them. Now after hearing from you, I am sure that Dr. Gupta will be the best choice.

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    I had also gone to her for some problem and after speaking to her, I was impressed. She explained very well and is experienced and well qualified. Also she explained me what to expect and what is the next step.

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