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Thread: Workshop on mind power

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    Workshop on mind power

    I want to attend a workshop on developing mind power. My friends had attended one few years ago and benefited a lot from the workshop but unfortunately I could not attend that time. If anybody has an idea about such a workshop, please give me the details. I am having some serious issues in my life which I need to sort out.

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    Mind Power workshops are really very good and very helpful in overcoming daily stress. I have attended a few of these workshops and each time I came back stronger and with a positive attitude. As of now I do not know of any such workshop. As soon as I get some news, I will get back to you.

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    There is Mind Power Matrix Workshop which will be held on 16 Nov.It will change the quality of your life. The venue is Manickam Avenue, T.T.K Road. It is a 2 day workshop that aims at transforming your thinking process. I will be going there and hope to meet you there.

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    Thanks a lot for the information. I will surely attend this one.

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