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Thread: Photography workshop

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    Photography workshop

    I am interested in photography but do not want to pursue it as a full time course. I would like to know the basics of photography as it is my hobby. Is there any workshop on photography so that in a short time, I can learn the finer nuances?

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    Hey you are lucky to learn photography as there is a workshop on it. The Basics of Photography Workshop is aimed at beginners. It teaches all the basics and finer nuances of photography so that you are adept in your field. It will be in Hampshire Plaza Hotel, #6-1-79 & 80, Lakdikapul. The dates are Jan 18-19th, 2014. So keep your dates free for that time.

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    Ya I got to know of this workshop from my friends. I am really interested. There is ample time for planning. I got to know from my friend. Here are the complete details. http://www.toehold.in/photography-wo...-hyderabad.php

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    Thank you all for the information

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    You are lucky because now there is plenty of information on the internet about photography and you can learn it without courses. So, first of all you need to choose point and shoot cameras under 100. This is the best camera for beginning because there is no need to buy expensive ones at the very beginning.

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