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Thread: hyperactive kids causing harm to other

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    hyperactive kids causing harm to other

    There is a boy in my boy's class who is very hyperactive. He is always hitting other kids. Many times my son has been at the receiving end. Once he was hit by the boy and he fell down on a chair, and he got injured. I am very worried. What can I do? Should I change his school?

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    Changing schools is not the solution. I feel that you should speak to the teacher so that she will be able to take some action. I think the teacher must also be aware of the hyperactive kid. She can speak to his parents so that they try to find a suitable treatment option or an alternative.

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    The problem is with the hyperactive kid. I am sure that other parents must also be facing the same problem so all of you can meet the teacher to discuss the issue. This needs attention, otherwise some mishap could happen with some kid. It is better to take up the issue. Hyperactive kids need to be kept engaged so that their energies are utilized.

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    Teach your kid to defend himself. If the hyperactive kids hits him tell him to stop the kid or complain the teacher. Teach him self-defense.

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