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Thread: long term goals for investing

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    long term goals for investing

    What factors should I consider before starting to invest for my child? What are long term goals that affect the investment decisions? I want to secure my child's future financially. Please advise.

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    It is always advisable to start saving as early as possible and we need proper planning for that. For planning we should understand how much money would be required for the child’s school education, higher studies, wedding, etc. The other important factor we need to remember is the expected rate of inflation and its effect on the value of our returns.

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    long-term goals refers to the money required for undergoing a professional course abroad, capital required for a business venture, money required for wedding, etc. Investment in the stock markets could be a best choice for your child’s long-term plan but the level of risk is higher and so are the returns.

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    investment in equities offer higher returns. Long-term goals can be achieved by putting your money into investments. endowment type plans, public provident fund-type low-return plans, etc., should be a least priority item on your investment list if you need to fight inflation on your returns.real estate-type investments for long-term goals is also a good idea. plan them in such a way that you can exit the investment at least two years before the actual need.

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