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Thread: Zumba tones what body parts

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    Question Zumba tones what body parts

    what parts of the body does zumba target? I have a fat stomach and fat hands. will they get tones by zumba classes?

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    Arushi Sahai's Avatar Member
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    zumba gives a total body workout. It helps to burn a lot of extra calories thus helping in weight loss. It tones the whole body. it’s a highly effective workout.It’s a total-body exercise and is good for core strengthening, flexibility and burning calories. This is the best for those who want to lose few pounds.

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    neha francis's Avatar Member
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    It tones legs, abdominals and things. I have joined these classes just last month and have found much difference. I feel more energetic and relaxed.

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    Sneha Rathod's Avatar Member
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    Zumba can be modified for different people so in order to be more effective, the pace can be modified to suit the person. Zumba routines focuses on a different part of the body.I found it very refreshing as it keeps the workouts fresh, and ensures that maximum calorie burning will continue to take place.

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