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Thread: Is aerobics okay for heart patients?

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    Question Is aerobics okay for heart patients?

    I recently suffered a minor heart attack and doctor told me to exercise and lose weight. But i am finding walking and gymming very boring. Is aerobics okay for people with heart ailments? It looks like fun but Im not sure if I should even take a trial without knowing if its okay for heart patients. I have heard that it takes a lot of stamina and your heart starts beating very fast....Is it okay for people with heart problems to do aerobics?

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    you should really check with your doctor about somethign like this. it is different for different people. but mostly for heart patients, walking is the most recommended exercise. after your body and heart get stronger, you cn consider aerobics. but check with your doc. If he thinks you'll be ok to do aerobics right away then no stress!

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