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Thread: Need good & reasonable ivf specialist

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    Need good & reasonable ivf specialist

    Hello all, this is my 1st post in this site. pls can you suggest me a good & reasonable ivf specialist. i am from pune.

    we are trying for a baby since 2 yrs. i have infertility probs. i have already done 2 ivf cycles, one was fresh cycle and 2nd was frozen embryo transfer. both cycles were 3-days transfer. my egg quality was good and also had good endometrium lining(appx 10.5) but both are failed. and now my dr. is not explaning any reason behind it. she is not willing to find any cause for failure these cycles rather she is only interested to do the next cycle. we are hopeless. we already has expended a lot(almost 1.3 lacs). we are simple middle class people.

    pls help me by giving ur valuable suggestions. we need a doctor who can find and investigate the root cause behind my ivf failures and show the right way of next treatment. Though doctors from pune is our 1st preference but u also can suggest me doctors from anywhere in india.

    hope ur reply soon. any kind doctor in this forum pls reply also.

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    Considering that Pune is much smaller as a city, I suggest that you do your IVF Cycle from Mumbai where there are a lot of great infertility specialists. I especially think that Dr. Mansukhani at Jaslok Hospital, Dr. Duru Shah at Gynaecworld and the entire Surya Hospital in Andheri are some of the best doctors I have come across. I am telling you so many names because my sister has had many fertility problems and we have consulted all these doctors for different issues. Choose any of them and you will be happy..

    Hope this helps and hope you get pregnant soon!

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    Gupte Hospital

    In Pune, Gupte Hospital is really good for IVF.. All doctors are supposed to be good. I dont have personal experience but one of my family friends conceived from that hospital and is very happy with the treatments that she received there..

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    Thanks Malti. i am also thinking to go for jaslok hospital Mumbai.

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    Thanks Sonia for ur quick reply

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