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Thread: My life is at stake !!

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    My life is at stake !!

    Hi all,
    First of all i want to tel tht i feel ashamed about this.i hv an extra marital affair wid a guy.am married for about 4 yrz nd last one year i kno dis guy nd having an affair,i kno dis s a sin,but bcz of his love ovr me i couldn come out of dis,my husband s such a gud guy who keeps me well,so i feel guilty evrytym.nw me and tht guy got so many misunderstanding and about to break up dis relationship but stil my mind s longing for the love of that guy which s absolutely insane i kno.as am living abroad i feel lonely wid my 3 yr old kid so tht i couldn divert my mind on anything els.memories r haunting me.i want my happy life back wid my husband,am in a miserable condition.plz help me out of dis thru ur suggestions

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    as you said that your husband loves you a lot then why do you need someone else to make you feel special and if you feel lonely start doing some job like taking tution at your home or do baby sitting this will help you to stay busy and take care of your child as well and just think about your husband what would he feel if he gets to know about all this stuff

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    Hii all, and Fareena, Now a days, having EMA is common. But one problem is that Females initially they start affair. and later on they feel ashamed or moral down etc. I mean to say if u r in love , later on love sex .You know , you should know how to manage ur bf, husband and and ur kid. Be urself. n enjoy. Learn management

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    If u r abroad what r u doing there earning for whom, children or for urself thnik about it, if it is for children they will never accept it and ifit isfor usrself u will be ashamed that only to have an affair. Instead of all these happening quit your job and try to find a good job here and be happy with your family.

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