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Thread: Wife goes to parents house every week!

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    Wife goes to parents house every week!

    My wife goes to her parents house every week for 2 days and nights.. she leaves all the work to my mother who is old and gets tired now.. how do i make my wife understand that maybe she could go every alternate week instead without hurting her feelings..?

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    You need to be considerate. Find out the reason for her going so every week. IS there any family problem or are you two having problem? It may be that your wife is having a problem with your mother? If there is no such problem, then you need not worry. You have to talk to her. She will understand the reasoning. All you need is better communication. Try and find out.

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    wow your wife is giving only 2 days to her parents and the remaining 5 days to your parents. What are you complaining about?

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    Since you guys just got married it would obviously take some amount of time to get used to new atmosphere so be patient and try to explain the difficulties your mom faces patiently since your marriage is just in the initial think wisely before you say anythng

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    Try to explain her the difficulties that your old mother if facing due to your wifes frequent to her home since you are newly married it takes certain amount of time for your wife to get used to new atmosphere at your home so till the time she gets used to new atmosphere she would miss her home and would want to visit it

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    first u should know the problem between ur wife and ur mother and also ask ur wife why she is goin their simultaneously.then u should make your wife and ur mother to sit together and take a solution for this problem

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