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Thread: What clothes to wear to the gym?

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    Cool What clothes to wear to the gym?

    Hi. I am planning to start going to a gym from next week to lose weight. I am very worried about looking weird in front of everyone as I dont know how to work out. What kind of clothes should I wear to the gym? At home I normally wear punjabis (indian dresses). Will i look very funny if I wear that while working out? Or should i buy some track pants and tops? Problem is that I dont find my size very easily as i am very fat.

    please tell me what clothes should moms wear to a gym. Thanks.

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    Better do yoga at home. You will lose weight within one year. After that you won't have worries on what to wear to a gym.

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    I would say there is nothing to ashamed of. Its your body and you should love it. Wear track pants and gym vests and once you start losing weight, you'll start to feel better and confident.

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