Hey Guys ,,,

I have been thinking od writing this for quite some time now since I got in the tag from a Parent to a Single Parent ... What was different ,, I asked myself - Nothing ,,, came in the reply ... but there was something majorily different .. looked like I had been diagnosed with a life threatening disease - the way the neighbourhood , the local shopkeepers , the usual friendly mall shopping executives were treating me ....

Once while in a park ,, one elderly neighbourhood aunty asked my 3 year old " what does your father do " to which she replied " I don't have a father " and the aunty was shocked which turned to despair which further turned to sympathy which ended in finalising my child's future - hai Bechari , kya karegi ,,, kaise shaadi hogi "

wow ... is it that bad guys .. ..

I for one seriously beg to differ here .. in the last 5 years that I have been a single parent after losing my husband to cancer ,,, I feel not only me but my child has come up as an emotionally strong child ,,, something which I feel would have taken years in a proper family setting. The way we bond in together ,, discussing life and Death , discussing Boys n Girls , Discussing relationships and Love ....
her thought process has not been influenced by so called tag " bechari "

I feel we as single parents have the potential of being the change in the children , the future making them Good Emotionally Sound Human beings .