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Thread: Are there any development programs for the kids outside of school?

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    Are there any development programs for the kids outside of school?

    I want to know about the programs from outside the school where children can learn and practice in their best interests.

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    Typically, one needs to look at the school program and thereafter take a decision. For example, many international schools have a holistic approach to learning... sports, creativity, performing arts apart from academic milestones targeted and therefore, if you are part of the programme for 13 years starting Nursery, most schools in some year or the other capture these development programs as part of the curriculum.

    However, more traditional schools with an eye for academic excellence alone, in my mind tend to be restrictive as their focus in academic time alone and in this case, it is critically that as a parent you look beyond.

    So your step one should be to review the program of operation in your school selected.

    Step 2 - have a balanced approach including some form of physical activity such as ball sport, swimming etc, some mind stimulation through chess or performing and creative arts such as music or dance or theater because all of these eventually add to your child's personality.

    I also stress the importance of unstructured play and time spent with the family as important occasions for bonding and communication. Children today, have far too much time with gadgets than necessary and one way to address this, is to be able to read with the children, play some board games etc.

    Yours Truly,
    Fatima Agarkar

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    I got to know about a program in Noida, Genesis Learning Studio who provide variety of courses like Theatre, Sports, Robotics, Dance etc.. I would like to know more about the courses and review of the place.

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