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Thread: Issue with toddler hitting and spitting

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    Issue with toddler hitting and spitting

    My almost 3 year old son hits and spits at his grandpa many times in a day. I am not able to control that frustrating behaviour of his. Its creating issues in our household. We as parents keep telling him not to do and have even threatened to take away his privileges but nothing is working. I cannot hold him all the time so he doesnot go to him to hit. Please advise.

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    Hi Anon! you wont believe this but i faced the same problem with my son! he used to hit and pull my brother's hair.. I read up and followed the advice of these articles.. dont react with anger when he does that.. in fact ask him to gently be nice.. just read the articles.. they do a better job of explaining it than i am doin right now



    Hope this helps!!

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    Thanks for the links Swapna. I dont know how much it will help in my current situation as we r doing most of it already but some firm actions might help.

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    Have you asked him why he does that? Its curious, isnt it... that he only spits on his grandpa?

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