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Thread: Installing Laminate Flooring in House

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    Installing Laminate Flooring in House

    I am planning to install laminate flooring in my house, my concern is does it requires too much maintenance?

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    yes.. laminate flooring is not good as it shrinks and expands in the summer and winter. before you know it, your flooring will lose its shape in just a few years. use either tile or marble.. for design purposes you can also use wood flooring in some places.

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    a. Laminate wooden flooring does not require too any maintenance as such. Regular sweeping and cleaning with damp mop is sufficient.
    b. Once in 2 weeks/ month depending on wear and tear you can use mild detergent to clean the floor .
    C. If water or any other liquid is spilled on to laminated flooring , then ensure that it is wiped immediately.

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    Laminate floors in the households are not common but i would like to go with it as it is cheap and less maintenance. Over the years it shrinks and the color fades but that is there for other flooring also. Wooden laminates gives a rich look with minimal money put in. For the rentals and barely used areas laminates are the good option. Laminate floors look beautiful with care and proper maintenance and some designs flatter your eyes also.While moving furniture's through the floor, care should be taken not to have cuts on the flooring as the cuts can become an eyesore later.

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