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Thread: Need help - Baby stool is grey colour

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    Need help - Baby stool is grey colour

    Hi All,
    My boy z 4 month old.From last 15 days,His stool is grey color in starting and later it turns to yellow but he z active only.I was consult with pediatrician,he said no poroblem.He z normal only.

    Is it a normal one?can anyone come across this situation.I'm totally scared.pl write ur sugg.
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    Hi Deepaj,

    If your paediatrician is not worried, then why are you. Did the doctor give a reason for when the stools turn grey?

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    Hi Deepaj,

    its normal for the stool to sometimes be grey. some of the reasons for that can be that you have recently weaned your baby off formula milk and start feeding more dairy products. It can also happen because of some basic medications that doctors give.. in most cases, the problem gets sorted on its own only. SO, if your paediatrician is also saying its nothing to worry about, then its not something you should worry about..

    If however, this problem stays for long, then it could indicate (in the rarest of cases) that there is a problem with your baby's liver..only get it checked out if it is still grey after a lot of time..

    All the best!

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    Hi Manthan,

    Doctor told no need 2 worry.He didn't specified any reason.

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    Thanks Malti.

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    I feel that there is no need to worry. Grey stools are as a result of diet. If your baby is breastfeeding then it could be due to your diet. Check your diet as it has much to do with the stools of your baby. As you have consulted your pediatrician, so you must leave your worries and enjoy motherhood.

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