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Thread: Time required for egg donation

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    Time required for egg donation

    I am thinking of going for permanent sterilization as I do not want more babies but before that I want to donate my eggs. What is the drawback if any? Do I need to take time off from my work?

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    Yes its a very good motive to donate the eggs to help many couples who are facing difficulty in conceiving. They can utilize the egg donation process if they require. I have also sent my profile to one of the fertility centre in Chennai where i undergone treatment for conceiving. I have got the reply saying to visit the hospital for egg donation. Its done in a day including the recovery time. the eggs will be frozen to use it in future also.

    I am happy that its done and through which many couples are benefited

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    Hi, Egg Donation is the really good which u help in giving a life to many couples who are awaiting to have a baby.
    Initially i use to be against, but enjoying the motherhood and the struggles which i faced in conceiving made me to think of the many women who are still struggling to have a baby. So immediately i donated my eggs frozen stored in one of the fertility centre chennai.
    I am happy that those will be used for couples who needs egg donation procedure.

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    how to donate the eggs. which is the right place. i am willing to donate the eggs. really impressed by the words said by u people. if its really helping others then surely i will. do we need to take bed rest after donating, is it painful process. pls suggest. i will think of it.

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