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Thread: Infertility and sperm donation

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    Unhappy Infertility and sperm donation

    We are intending parents, but as I work in chemical industry I suffer from low sperm count. Many medicines tried but to no avail. Now through website we have squared down on one person who is ready to donate sperms.He is perfectly the type that we want.But our family doctor says that in India hospitals do not encourage or accept sperms from a relative or friend due to confidentiality issues .They will provide artificial insemination only from samples of sperm banks whose identity will not be disclosed. Since we as a couple have selected this person,now we want him to be the donor for our child. Pl suggest us how do we do this.

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    It is better to talk to your doctor. Actually the process of sperm donation entitles that complete secrecy is maintained both about the donor and the recipient as this can cause problems in future. It would be advisable to go to your nearest sperm bank and list your desired qualities. The sperm ban will be able to find a donor who meets your requirements.

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