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Thread: Top 10 Board Games for Kids

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    Top 10 Board Games for Kids

    Which are the best board games for kids? How are board games beneficial for kids? Do board games help kids to overcome addiction to television or computer?
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    There are so many games which you kids can play with like the electronic games on the gadgets today. All those games on mobiles, play stations, ipad, laptops and all. The old games which we played during our time has completely been forgotten by the children today. Some of them don’t even know what the board games are. It is important for us to remind them or introduce to them to the board games which are much better than the games available on different gadgets today. Today’s games do not involve the using of brain and are not that interesting and fun to play like the board games.

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    The board games have always been fun and entertaining to play. But they are also easy and extremely easy to teach your children. These games teach a lot of things and can help in preparing them for new challenges with a healthy mind. Although children have forgotten the board games today, but these are the best games where the entire family can spend time together and play together. These games teach the children to learn to follow rules, to focus and concentrate on one thing and also to cope with losing. These games also teach children to improve their memory skills and social skills.

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    Hi, by learning how to play these board games children also learn knowledge of the games and awareness. They also enjoy the game thoroughly while playing it with the family together. These games also help the kids to get connected with the other kids, cousins and other family members, it also helps in increase the team work and also increases his team spirit. These are extremely low budget games and they also help the child to stay away from TV and other electronic gadgets. I highly recommend parents that they teach their children these games.

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    There are various board games available in India like Snakes and Ladders. This game has been an all time favourite game to the children and love it to the core. This is an extremely simple and entertaining game and families have been playing this game for generations now. This is an easy game where children learn to count by using a dice in the game. All the age group children can play this game and enjoy it. You can also teach the Dotty Dinosaurs Game which is also a very entertaining and fun filled game. This game helps the children to learn about colours and shapes. The friendly and coloured dinosaurs attract the children a lot.

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    You can also teach your child to play the shopping list game. This game is really beneficial for your child as it helps in increasing the memory, language, vocabulary and thinking skills. These games are also used by the speech psychologists and occupational therapists during their treatment for the children and the adults also. The game has no hard rules and is quite simple to play, children from the age of 3 can play it. The other game which you can teach your child is the mastermind game which is a highly recommended one as it enhances the problem solving capability of the children and also improves the logical thinking of the children. This game can be played by the children who are above 6 years of age.

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    Hi you can teach your children the scrabble game. This is a lovely game in which you can play along with your kids and teach them new words. By playing this game they will learn new words and also be able to spend time together and also improve your child’s vocabulary. Try teaching your child the Chinese checkers game. This game can be played by the child who is 5 years and above. This game can be of help to improve the strategic thinking of the child and also help make his brain more sharp.

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    Hi I would like to suggest the trouble game which is an interesting game for the children and this can help the kids to enhance their numbering skills. This game has a diced which is enclosed in a dome and your kids will really enjoy it. Also you can teach them the sorry game which is a perennial classic board game which is absolutely loved by the kids. This game teaches the children sportsmanship and improves counting abilities. This game can be played by the children who are of the age 4 and above.

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    Hello, if you want to teach your child board games then you can teach him the guess who? Game. In this game there are visual cues and it helps the children to improve their language and questioning skills. The other game is the Battleship game where the children above the age of 7 can play it. This games helps in improving the mathematical skills of the children and teaches them to play fair. This games also helps in increasing the logical and critical thinking of the kids. Board games have always been fun for the families and the kids and I highly recommend you to teach children

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