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Thread: Gaining Right Weight during Pregnancy

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    Gaining Right Weight during Pregnancy

    How much weight gain is ideal during pregnancy? How to gain a healthy weight during pregnancy? What are risks associated with too much of weight gain during pregnancy?
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    It is extremely important to gain right amount of weight during the pregnancy. Eating a balanced diet and healthy fresh food will always help you maintain the right weight. The required nutrients by the baby will also be satisfied if you have a balanced diet.

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    Eating healthy diet is very important and eating for two does not mean that you should eat double. On an average only 300 calories are required by a pregnant women more than she required earlier each day. This will definitely help her gain the right amount of weight.

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    It is advisable to ask your doctor the food which should be eaten and when it should be eaten. You can also ask him about the weight how much should be gained and how many calories should be eaten. A women who had average weight earlier can gain up to 25 to 35 pounds of weight during pregnancy.

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    Hi the doctors say women who are underweight should gain up to 40 pounds of weight and those who are overweight should gain only 15 to 25 pounds of weight. Remember losing weight during pregnancy or dieting is not acceptable as it might risk your and baby’s life.

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    During the first three months of your pregnancy you should gain about 2 to 4 pounds of weight and in the rest of the pregnancy you can gain one pound a week. If you are expecting twins then you should gain 35 to 45 pounds of weight.

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    If you are expecting twins it is very important to eat right and gain right amount of weight as your weight can affect the weight of the babies. Usually the twins are born before the due date and their health depends on the birth weight. Even you have uneven weight the babies might be born weaker or one baby can be weaker than the other.

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    If you are healthy and are conscious about your weight during the pregnancy and want to lose weight, your doctor will advise you not to. Losing weight can directly affect your baby’s growth. If you are overweight and pregnant, then the doctor will suggest you to lose some weight but not too much, that too under his supervision.

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    Gaining right amount of weight is not a difficult task. First and most important thing is that eat your meals properly and on regular intervals will keep you healthy and active. Eat things like apples, nuts, dries fruits, yoghurts, celery, raisins and all such healthy things whenever you feel hungry.

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