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Thread: What types of playschools are better?

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    What types of playschools are better?

    Are franchisee operated playschools better or individual privately owned playschools considered better? I'm confused between TreeHouse and Sunflower Nursery in Walkeshwar.

    Any help will be appreciated..Thanks!

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    Franchisees are better in that they have a set method of teaching..But individual franchisee TreeHouse Preschools may just be popular because it is affiliated with a big name like TreeHouse. It may actually be only a sub-par franchisee.

    Sunflower or other such well-known individual playschools are famous because they have done a good job in the past. So what I think you always need to do is decide on the basis of whether or not that particular playschool is good or not, not whether or not it is a franchisee or individual playschool.

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    Hi Parents, Could you please suggest best school in Mira Road.. My baby will turn 2 coming May. Want to start with Playshcool itself...

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