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Thread: Sister in depression due to unmarried status

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    Sister in depression due to unmarried status

    My sis is 25 and unmarried. In our circle we try to get the girls married around 21 years of age. We started looking for boys for her when she was 21 but still not found someone appropriate..
    Now she is so depressed in life and I dont know what to do to make her feel better.
    She is pretty, but is slightly mangalik. All her friends are married so she feels worse.. What should I do?

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    In this case you can do one Pooja to remove OR make it calm for her career, will be because of that reasons peoples are not coming to her.

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    We did a mangal shunni shant karne ka pooja. she just has a light mangal. But nothing has worked out till now. how do I make her feel better?

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    Sorry Pooja will not remove the Depression, she has lost interest in her life, because things are not happening the way she planned, she has to do meditation and lots of support from the family, if she is based out in Bangalore, we can cure her in our Therapy Center.

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    Rather than doing puja and all such things, you should try to cheer her up. she has still age on her side. Tell her to concentrate on something else. Marriage and other things will fall in place when the right time comes. It is useless to worry. Better to be happy with what you have rather than cry for what you have not.

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    She should talk to a professional. I know some, let me know if you need references

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    Hi, if you believe in Ayurveda, I can suggest you something which if she does will give 100% results. For more details you can contact me.

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