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Thread: Success story shared to be a inspiration

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    Success story shared to be a inspiration

    We lived in USA after getting married without able to conceive for 8 years. We had 3 IUI's and 2 IVF's failed over there. 2 years back we decided to try in India. The first try with IVF we had success. I had to stay back for few months because of few complications and lose my job but it was all worth it. I travelled back when I was 5 1/2 months and delivered the baby in USA.

    Ours was all along unexplained infertility. So dont lose hope. One day will come when you can carry a health baby in your hands.

    Good luck to all who are trying.

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    That is a wonderful inspirational story. Thank you for sharing.
    My sister has been trying to get pregnant since 15 years. She has had 7 IVFs but all failed. Her inlaws don't wish to adopt. Even surrogate implantation failed. We are all so disappointed.

    But congratulations to you! By God's grace, you got pregnant your third try.. Wish you all the best in parenting your little one..

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    Thanks Samruti. Such stories helped me get thru' when we were TTC. good luck for ur sis.

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    Hi Anonymous,

    It is sad that you had to lose your job but the return is pretty much worth it! You got a wonderful baby because of it!

    Even I would like to share our story.
    My wife had what the doctors called a hostile uterus. She had too much heat in her womb. before trying IVF and all, we tried home remedies and alternative therapies like accupressure and sujok therapy. But still she did not get pregnant when we tried IVF. THen some one suggested getting Vastu Shastra check done. The expert said that our bed was positioned in the area where the kitchen should be, which is why my wife's womb had so much heat. We shifted the position of the bed, continued all the alternative therapies. All these helped in reducing her body heat by a good amount. so when we did IVF a 2nd time, my wife got pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful healthy daughter!

    Good luck all of you trying to conceive!

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    Good Luck.
    My best wishes are always with you.

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    Sometimes it could be as simple as a nutritional deficiency, low cervical mucous, inaccurate timing of sexual intercourse, a pre-existing health issue, or it may be that you need to explore options for more in-depth testing. It is important to cover all the basics, including additional testing that may need to take place. We are going to cover key areas that need to be addressed, some ares may or may not apply to you, but some may have not been taken into consideration when you were given your diagnosis.

    Approximately a quarter of all consultations we do involve couples who are given a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, yet they also have other health related conditions, may have poor dietary and lifestyle habits and many even have fertility issues that directly impact reproductive health. If you have been diagnosed with a fertility issue such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, ect., those issues may be what is causing your infertility struggles. It is very important to address those issues individually, prior to trying to conceive.

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    this is a good article on cnn about infertility myths

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    Dear All,

    Thank you for sharing your success stories. This is really incredible. I would like to say one thing to all those who are trying to conceive -
    Never lose hope.

    All the best

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    Hi everyone ,

    I'm here to shar my success story .
    Well i got married 5 years ago and i was ttc for 3 years . We were losing hope and one of my friends suggested me to visit a Ferility clinic . then i made a thorough research about the fertility clinics in Chennai . I came to know that the chief doctor of srushti fertility clinic was one among the best in the IVF field in India . I visited the fertility clinic and i was asked to take some medicines to increase my egg production . then i was asked to go for a hysteroscopy scan and the result was shocking since i had a block in the lef portion of my fallopian tube . Then they performed an operation to remove the block and the operation went really well . Six months later i was still not able to concieve and we came back to dicuss the issue . It was then that we came to know that my husband's sperm cound was very low and we were asked to do a cycle of IUI . Well the first cycle was a failure , but the during the second cycle i became pregnant . I was really happy and things went pretty well later on . The chief doctor Dr.Samundi Sankari too care of me as her own daughter and she made frequent enquiries about the baby . Now i'm the mother of a beautiful baby boy ! He is all hale and healthy .

    I Pray for all who have been trying . Never lose hope . I wish that all of you be blessed with beautiful babies

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