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Thread: Ideas for fancy dress - patriotism in today's scenario

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    Ideas for fancy dress - patriotism in today's scenario

    Hi friends ,

    Please give me suggestions for the theme in Fancy dress competition, "Patriotism in today's scenario" - India, for class 4.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

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    Hi Nilesh..

    You should make your child the Boy from that Lead India Campaign where he tries to push a tree to help the traffic jam and manages to motivate all adults to push aside the tree..

    what that ad tells us is that, if all of us put all our effort in it, we can achieve anything.. you can show that video in the beginning, and then your child can come out and make a speech about how patriotism today is not about saying My country is Great... its instead about how all of us, people of India, can come together and do things that actually MAKE our country great.. you can make him say that there is a little boy in all of us...then you can have him saying - the little boy exists in Anna Hazare, that the little boy exists in some policeman who does his duty, the little boy exists in a little girl studying hard for her exams, etc. etc. he can end his speech by saying, let us all do our duty to the best of our efforts and lead India to the prosperity and success that it deserves.

    Let me know if you like this idea!!

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    You could make your child a chair.. add really seductive eyes (huge eyes with long lashes) to your child's chest - that will be the back of the chair that people lean on.. have the seat of the chair around your child's waist..

    He can be the 'gaddi' or the seat of power that all political parties want to sit on so desperately...

    He can give a narrative of what extremes political parties go to to sit on him, and then once they sit on it, he can talk about the misuse of the chair he has witnessed..

    All the Best!

    Do tell us what you finally make your child into!

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    Key point in fancy dress is "Current Topic". Choose current, latest topic, issue or famous person and dressed up like it.


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