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Thread: Marriage ??

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    Marriage ??

    i have been in an abusive marriage for the past 5 years. i have a 3 year old child and i live with my parents currently. my so called husband has a huge ego and could not digest that i qualified a professional exam and he couldn't. he was and still is a mummas boy right from the very beginning. he has no friends, no neighbors, no society, no community, nothing. his world revolves around his mother. Father in law passed away before my child was born. so both the MIL and husband treated me like shit.

    After leaving his house during a domestic violence incident, he never bothered to call and check if i and my child were still alive or something.

    and after almost a year now. he has no regrets, no love, no missing, no feelings, nothing for me neither for my child. just because the society is asking various question he called me up just to tell me a whole bunch of lies !!

    I told him to talk like a matured guy without telling lies but he couldn't. I'm damn pissed out on him.

    i have no feelings for him either. but i'm worried will my child be able to live in this brutal world without a father ? will i be able to bring up my child as a normal child ?

    Should i go back to that creep ?
    What can i do to save my child's future ?
    How do i get my child get admitted in any school, which will never accept a single mother?
    Should i opt for a divorce ?


    What do i do ???????

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    hi there
    first of alli want to know about u and ur husband and main cause of problem and some other aspects, elaborate ur story then only conclusion will be made

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    Dear sister
    As Sameer said, we are unable to understand the problem between you and your husband. I think your husband is the only son of your MIL and out of huge possessiveness your MIL would have conspired a lot between you and your husband. But we are able to understand you have suffered enough with him. If you can say further about your problems, we can help you.
    How long were you been seperated? Can you wait for some more time ?

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    be normal. take care of son. create ur own world of love/care, talk to friends , strangers. create ur own relationship (secret) but care for ur son and husband as usual. bas.

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