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Thread: New Year Party Games for Kids

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    New Year Party Games for Kids

    What kind of New Year party games should be organised for pre-schoolers? Which New Year party games will school-goers love? What kinds of New Year party games are suitable for teens?

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    Preschoolers love to take part in games that they can understand. Making loud noises is one such game, kids love making noises and if there is some reward for this, than its more better. The one who makes the loudest noise is the winner, and am sure this wopuld be liked by all te kids. I had this game in one of my parties and it was a blast.

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    Discovering treasure hunt is one of favourites of preschoolers. They like unraveling treasures. Even bubble game is enjoyed by preschoolers. Bubble blowing competition will keep the preschoolers in fun mood.

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    Hide n seek is also a good game idea for small kids. They can hide behind curtains, under chair and other nooks and corners. Kids feel happy hiding and then a denner looking for them.

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    New year party games should be more unique and different.. These all are so common now.. Im looking for some new and unique games.. Please can someone suggest.. Thanks...

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