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Thread: In laws problem

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    In laws problem

    I am in bangalore.My problem is my inLaws.
    My mother in law is very hmuch problematic.She speaks too much and too rude.I am the third DIL in my house.My eldest DIL left my house due to her behaviour.My MIL is always ready to do larai.My second BIL has don suicide due to her behaviour.I am the third one.I am very much scared.My husband knows everything and he says she is of bad behavior but still sh is her mother and he is attached to her.he always take her side.Even when I talk to hr on phone,she start giving me and husband instructions as if We are child.She is very much orthodox.Dont want me to wear jeans.I am helpless.She says A DIL should dance on MIL instructions.What should I do?

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    hi how r u u be cool and relax if u really need a suggestion or guidance i can help u to come out from this problem

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