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Thread: Challenges of Being a Working Mother

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    Challenges of Being a Working Mother

    What are the challenges faced by a working mother? What are the benefits of being a working mother? When can a woman resume working after childbirth?
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    The most common and difficult challenge faced by working women is leaving apple of their eyes at home and going to work. I am a working mother and I remember I really had to make a tough decision. Many times I thought of leaving my job as I could not bear to my infant in the care of others. In my case, what made the task easy was that I had my in-laws with me for moral support and help so I did not have to leave my darling in the care of some outsider. Still many times I felt guilty of leaving her. I guess, this is a part of life.

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    I guess you are right. I also faced the same problem. In my case, I had no help from my or my husbands side. I also had kept a maid for my little one and joined the office only after my little one was 6 months old. I did have a lot of guilt feeling like you. Once I came home early and saw that my maid was sleeping while my little one was still lying on the floor. I was literally terrified. I was angry at the carelessness of the maid. Anything could have happened, luckily my arrival prevented any mishap that could have happened. That day, I gave my maid marching orders and decided to leave the job. Now I am a full time mother and have no regrets.

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    Hi all! This issue is debatable. Actually no mother would want her baby to left at home while she goes for work. Motherhood is a joyous moment and every mother would be wanting to bask in the glory of motherhood but many times financial constraints affect the decision. I have always been working and when I had a baby, I joined my office within 3 months as I seriously wanted this job. I had no other option left. I think there should be some alternatives for women who want to work post motherhood but without much adjustm,ents.

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