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Thread: Tips To Stop Your Toddler from Biting

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    Tips To Stop Your Toddler from Biting

    What make toddlers bite others? How to stop toddlers from biting? How to handle the victim when toddler bites?
    To read the related article, click here.

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    Malti Shanker's Avatar Member
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    its a very wierd thing but my daughter just bit my cousin the other day out of nowhere. he comes home every week and she adores him.. god knows what was goin on in her mind that she bit him.. he yelled oww loudly and she stopped biting and looked real scared.. after fussing around him for a few seconds, i asked my daughter why she bit uncle.. she just shrugged and started huggin her stuff toy.. i didnt know what to do so just told her that its a bad thing to bite people and she shouldnt do it again..

    was that the correct way to deal with it?

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    Thanks for such imp information, My son (age:1 year +) bites only family members and smiles when we cry...We feel Pain but forget all after his sweet smile...

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    my son is 1 yr + , wen he bites us if we cry he also starts crying n if we smile thn he takes another bite...

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    I never knew that biting habit in toddlers has some reason. My daughter used to bite her friends. I would scold hr for this habit but the more I scolded the more intense this habit became. After reading this write up I realized the reason and the ways to stop biting in toddlers. Thanks

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    My 1.5 yr old son also bites when he is irritated or hugging others...

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    my 7month baby bites me only not to others,,, nd its not of anger but when she was excited to show her happiness, she bites me.. hope its nOt a bad habbit...

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