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Thread: Nose congestion /Running Nose

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    Nose congestion /Running Nose

    My daughter is 32 months old.
    Her nose has literally not stopped running from 2 years
    Even both nasal were always blocked with stuffy like liquid.

    Due to this blockage, she normally breathe through her mouth with mouth open, which makes her throat so dry that she start vomiting in night.

    She also snores very loudly while sleeping, that put so much pressure on her chest
    She sweating a lot, even in winters.

    We took so many treatment both Allopathic and Homeopathic, but no relief

    I am so worried about her health.
    What should I do?

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    whoh.. that may seem disturbing.. but i dont think dry mouth could lead to vomiting,,, that must be because of some ohter reason..

    also, her snoring and all seems to indicate that her nasal passages are too narrow or are blocked by some tissues.. not much you can do about it as this age... when she grows a little older, she can learn breathing yoga exercises to stop it...
    the stuffy nose seems to be because of an ever present cold...

    you do need to go to a good doctor for that!

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    Try homepathy treatment but you have to be very patient as it will take time for complete cure. Homeopathy is very effective for treating kids and the medicines are also very gentle on their system.

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