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Thread: Asanas for weight loss

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    Asanas for weight loss

    I am a bit on the heavier side. I tried weight loss by dieting but due to yo-yo effect, the weight loss was negligible. I even joined a gym for weight loss but could not cope with the weight loss programs. I fainted twice while working out on treadmill. I desperately want to lose weight. I have heard that certain yoga asanas help in weight loss. Yoga in a gentle manner leads to permanent weight loss. Could anybody suggest me asanas for weight loss.

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    Yoga asanas are very effective for weight loss but along with asanas, you have to have a healthy diet. You should also have plenty of water to get rid of toxins. Best yoga asanas for weight loss are Paschimotanasana, Dhanurasana and chakrasasana. These asanas seem easy but are effective only when done in right manner.

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    I have lost weight through yoga and I am sure you will be able to lose weight too. The best part is that it is not very difficult and increases the flexibility and also tones the body part. There are many asanas. It would be better to to do under expert guidance if you are a beginner. Trikonasana is good for getting rid of bulges. There is halasana. It is better if you can join a yoga class.

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