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Thread: 7 Common Disciplinary Mistakes Parents Make

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    7 Common Disciplinary Mistakes Parents Make

    What do you think are the common mistakes most parents make in disciplining their kids? What mistakes have you made while attempting to discipline your kids? How do you think parents should discipline their children?
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    The most common mistakes that parents make while disciplining is saying words like 'no', 'stop' or 'don't'. Such words make a kid withdrawn or give a feeling of fear. I have observed that more the parents use such words, more the kids back answer. Disciplining issues crop up more when parents take an authoritative approach.

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    I agree with you. I have always made the mistake of saying 'Do not do this' 'Do not go there', 'no' or 'Not now'.. I never knew that these words would cause so much harm to my little kid. I use to say these words to discipline him and protect him from harm but never realized that they were doing more harm. Now I am making sure rather than saying such negative words, I will say words that mean something. I would rather say what I want to be done than just saying 'No' or ' Don't' . I am really happy that I got to rectify my parenting mistake quite early on.

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