My mother in law interferes in everything, she does not allow me to do anything.

Even I cant spend 5 minutes with my husband talking, or having a conversation with him before going to bed. Till 12 o'clock at night, she pulls my husband with her, so that we cant spend time with each other, as we have to wake up early in morning for our offices. So by 12 we both get tired and directly will go to sleep.

She doesn't let me go out with him, neither for movies, roaming, even for walk. She says i want to fly, i haven't seen restaurants, movies or roam about in my life, so i want to take advantage of my husband in doing so.

It's been just 7 months of our marriage, we cant even talk private. if we talk to each other or even smile at each other, she gets intolerant saying now honeymoon period should go over. She don't let my husband think about me or do anything for me, buy anything for me. she simply don't allow. Husband literally don't care about this. He loves me, but it hurts, when he cant even speak for me knowing i am right.

She dont even allow to talk me with my parents, nor my husband talks with my parents as she stops him from doing so. She always creates a wrong impact of my parents in front of him.

Also she talks about the marriage expenses everyday, that she has not got anything from my parents end, even my father has given everything earned in his lifetime to me, then too she taunts me every time about it, saying have i ever said i have not got anything from your marriage, etc..
she has inferiority complex with my mother. she says my mother is filling my ears everything i am doing. Every time she asks me return to them.

I do every household work since morning, including preparation of food, cleaning, serving them, i am doing everything as per their wishes. Even after returning from office at 7:30, i didn't get a single moment of time for myself or my hubby till 12 o clock. Then too she always have a issue with me. she always have a topic to fight everyday. if everything is going fine for a week, then on weekend she bursts out.
I cant find a solution to this. Please someone help me out.
Sometimes she makes me feel like if I am just acting or pretending to be ill, and this really hurts me.
She always criticises others actions, she is right about some things sometimes, and sometimes she just magnifies. She wants everything to happen in accordance with her desire; otherwise it is wrong, in her view.

She interferes even in our sex life, she asks me everything. How often we do, with or without protection. What my husband says.
When to plan for a baby etc. such an extent you cant believe.

She takes a note of everything. Me and my husband are both working, she takes both of our salaries every month and if we want money we have to ask each time, for that too she enquires where we are spending. For salary, she and my father in law says, there is no differences in terms of money in our family, and my husband spends all of his salary, so they want to save it for our future. But they don't save it, they take it for their own expenses. even my father in law is earning very good. he is a vice president with a renowned company.

she only give money to my husband and always enquires, if he has not shared with me any of his money. Husband don't take anything into account, he says it's ok, she's mother.
our family earns good, then too these problems are arising.

If we plan for anything without her consent or without informing, she would burst out in anger. She has full control over my husband and my father in law, nothing at home works without her will or consent and my husband also cant say anything against her, even if he knows that she is wrong.

She always lie's. I cant bear it anymore, want to end up everything, i cant do anything. I don't remember the last time, i smiled or laughed with my whole heart.

I am just 27, Please suggest if i am worrying for no reason. I am no more confident, lost belief in my myself, even i get sacred easily, i speak at night during sleep. for that too they blame me, like i am having these issues before marriage.
Please someone help me out to tackle this situation.